A.S. Bytom Funeral Home: A Lighter Take on Death

A.S. Bytom Funeral Home: A Lighter Take on Death

For years, the A.S. Bytom Funeral Home has taken a unique approach to the somber business of funerals. With over half a million Facebook followers, the funeral home is known for its quirky and not-so-serious approach to death. In fact, their posts are often more about life than death.


A.S Bytom – A Unique Brand of Humor

From jokes about leftovers in their fridge to humorous takes on current events, the A.S. Bytom Funeral Home has a unique brand of humor that has won them fans across Poland. During the pandemic, they encouraged people to stay home to avoid death, adding that it was only for now. They also quoted a popular 80s Polish rock song, giving a literal meaning to the lyrics “Let’s have a party that leaves no one alive.”

Their Memetic Appeal

The funeral home’s unconventional approach has led to a surge in popularity on social media, with many people believing that they can actually commission funeral services from the “funniest company in the business.” However, the media and marketing-related magazine “Press” confirmed that the company’s listed address is currently vacant, and its phone number rejects incoming calls. Nevertheless, the A.S. Bytom Funeral Home has become a meme, a symbol of a lighter, more humorous approach to death.

If you’re interested in learning more about the A.S. Bytom Funeral Home and their unique take on death, visit 3SeasEurope website for more information.


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