Bulgarian cuisine through the eyes of Emil Markov

Bulgarian cuisine through the eyes of Emil Markov

Surely each of us knows or at least associates the Michelin Guide from Anthony Bourdain. But did you know that a socialist counterpart to this famous work has been created? Its creator is Emil Markov, who described the cuisine of one of the luxury tourist destinations of Communist Central Europe – Bulgarian Couisine.

Bulgarian Couisine described by Emil Markov

In the mid-1970s, joined by his photographer “Vlado,” and backed by a socialist tourism behemoth, Balkanturist, writer, and obvious foodie, Markov set out to collect recipes for traditional Bulgarian cuisine, which so attracted him, from all around the nation. They traveled the country for several years, gathering recipes from prominent chefs in contemporary communist places and uncovering traditional street food. Their travelogue mixes culinary, geographical, and cultural landscapes, as well as historical narratives, to thoroughly illustrate traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The photos captured the food, the wine, and the beauty of the food. Interestingly, Emil Markov did not limit himself to only those most representative meals from elegant hotel chefs, but in his book you can also find recipes from country inns, local farmers’ markets and delicious home cooking. Even today, scholars compare the book to the well-established television format of a travel chef or a well-informed gourmet who introduces his audience to foreign cuisine.

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